Hampton Bay Lighting

Regardless of how you look at it you will always need some sort of lighting in your home as we all need it to survive. Hampton Bay Lighting is the leading provider for all of your indoor and also outdoor needs without sacrificing quality and great service. With a near endless selection and huge variety of designs you will be able to find the perfect light fixture for any part of your home or office.

Hampton Bay Outdoor Lighting is the highest quality.

They take pride in every aspect of their products including the precise designs all the way down to their in depth construction. From start to finish you can be assured that no corners are cut and the end result is a true work of art.

They do not really specialize in indoor or outdoor light fixtures as they are more of a jack of all trades type of company when it comes to lighting. You will notice they have very strategic designs that will withstand all the elements and are created to last especially if it is outdoor lights.

Hampton Bay Lights are durable and safe.

Hampton Bays Lighting are made to deliver more than a beautiful glow to your home or outside attire. They realize that you require more than just simple lighting and that is why all of the lights that are created are made to look visually appealing for family and friends to admire for many years.

If you choose to use them for outdoor activities you will never have to worry about them failing due to elements of nature. They are built very strong and are made to last many years with a minimal amount of upkeep.

When choosing this brand you can expect to have your friends and family use this as a very entertaining conversation piece that will entertain crowds without much effort. Many of the lights available are made to run off of solar power and also to conserve energy.

Do Hampton Bay Lights Offer Fans?

With all of this discussion of all of the visual qualities with this company you could be wondering if they are able to offer fans with their light fixtures. Each fan that is created is tested carefully to ensure it will be a very dependable asset in your home and that it will never fail on you.

Before a product leaves the door they are checked for safety and also reliability. Nothing is released without knowing that it will hold up to Hampton Bay’s name and provide your family and friends a life long enjoyment of great quality lighting.

Satisfaction is a must.

We all realize that under certain conditions that products may not be what you want after taking them home and trying them out with your current furniture and lighting scheme. If you are unhappy with your purchase you can just take it back to your point of purchase with your receipt so that you can look into options of getting a return or a refund.

You should never be stuck with a product that you do not love to have in or around your home and this is a company that believes the same thing. Each product was crafted for everyone to love and talk about but it is understandable if you have a change of heart.

15 Responses to Hampton Bay Lighting

  1. Tim Heid says:

    I’m looking for a brushed nickel version of your 284-478 flush mount fixture with alabaster glass I seen at home depot. Is one available?

  2. julie jackson says:

    I purchased your Hampton Bay Line Voltage Flexible track Retro Pinhole Cylinder Antique Bronze Finish (EC6829ABZ) lighting kit, and was told that if it did not produce enough light, we could add up to five lights. We need more light, but cannot seem to find the additional lights, since the product has been discontinued. Is there any way that you could provide us with five additional lights? We sure appreciate your assistance!

    • hampton says:

      There are a few different places listed within this web site to purchase parts. Please check them. Thanks

  3. Brent L Hughes says:

    where can I find a replacement glass for the Bercello Estates 2-Light Volterra Bronze? Replacement parts are hard to find. Love my ceiling light but don’t want to buy a whole new unit and grandkids can be rough on the house.

    • hampton says:

      There are a few different places listed within this web site to purchase parts. Please check them. Thanks

  4. Don March says:

    I have 2 Hampton Bay Halegon pendant fixtures BK 610 543. I need to replace the cord and socket. Where can I find these parts.

    • hampton says:

      There are a few different places listed within this web site to purchase parts. Please check them. Thanks

  5. Mosh Addict says:

    Keep on writing, great job!

  6. Scott Barranco says:

    I need replacement bulbs 914-152

  7. Krista J says:

    I purchased a Hampton Bay bathroom lighting fixture SKU 723-488 and am missing one of the grey plastic socket nuts that holds the globe in place. Where or how can I get a replacement?

  8. hampton bay lighitng solutions says:

    Track lighting is also available with flexible track that could
    be curved or molded to fit pretty much any personality.

  9. Paul Sikora says:

    I am looking to get another ceiling light SKU 543-174. Do you have any or know where I can obtain it?

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